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I’m so glad you found my website!

My name is Kenna Bangerter

or Kfullms, you pick.

I am obsessed with my job and my cute husband. We recently got married

& I talk about him way too much

& I think he is the best thing in the world.

I’m a filmmaker and have been doing this professionally since was 16.

I chose this job because I love being able to capture the most IMPORTANT day of people's lives.

It's amazing.


I get to be present for...

weddings, births, first looks,

missionary homecomings, proposals

and so. much. more.

I consider it the biggest blessing ever. I am very passionate about film

and making my clients feel

as comfortable as possible.


Whether that means playing 50 cent at your shoot or a little bit of "The Temptations", I’m your girl!!

I try to make my editing style solid & consistent,

as well as manageable

and unique for every client.

I am SO stoked about filming & I know we can create something that will make you smile

for the rest of your life.


K    kenna


when it comes to weddings I truly UNDERSTAND. I get it.

maybe it’s from planning my own wedding,

or maybe its from shooting them for the past six years.


I get how wild and expensive they can be

and I get the expectations

you feel like you have to fulfill.

when you hire me you’re hiring a story teller,

someone who will go lengths

to create something that defines you both as a couple.

not me or “my brand” or what will look cool on instagram.

something that will remind you FOREVER

how you felt about your spouse on that day you decided to marry them.

If having this means spending more than you’d planned, then do it!

you won’t ever regret investing in something that lasts for ever,

and is captured the way you’ve always dreamt.

music is SO important to me.

its what drives me


and fuels my inspiration to keep me editing videos after this long.

I'm very passionate

about what music

I choose for my films,

but would love to receive music inspiration  from my couples.

feel free to send me 5 or 6 songs that you feel like define you both and make you feel.

and if it works out, I would love to use a few of your requested songs. 

if there’s one thing I can inspire you to do while planning your wedding it is


if that means taking your closest family to Ireland with you to marry the love of your life.

or inviting every single person

you know to your backyard wedding,

just do it.

I just want more than anything for my couples to feel  HAPPYon their wedding day.


I want the in-between moments and the  care free kind of love that you’ve always dreamt of celebrating.






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