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This service includes 5 hours of shooting during the day of the wedding. Two locations 2 ½ hours each. You will receive a 4-6-minute highlight video including the best shots of the day.

EXAMPLES: https://vimeo.com/311826849, www.vimeo.com/244215653 



This service includes 90 minutes of shooting on an evening prior to the wedding day. Kenna is able to shoot alongside a photographer. This footage will be added to the final video. If you would like Kenna to make a separate bridal video to have done before the wedding, there will be a rushed editing charge of $75.

EXAMPLES: https://vimeo.com/304962233, www.vimeo.com/153426791; https://vimeo.com/243342368; https://vimeo.com/259565781; BRIDAL VIDEO:https://vimeo.com/135181644



This service includes a 90-minute session of shooting alongside your photographer during your engagement shoot. This footage will be added to the final video. If you would like Kenna to make a separate engagement video to have done before the wedding, there will be a rushed editing charge of $75. Couples bring two street outfits for shoot.

EXAMPLE: https://vimeo.com/257838538

ENGAGEMENT VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/239342612



This service includes a 90-minute session filming the couples love story. Kenna will have a list of questions to ask and the couple is welcome to bring with their own questions as well. Kenna will not only shoot the interview but film fun intimate shots of the couple.

EXAMPLE: https://vimeo.com/255858502



This service includes a 60-minute session of the set-up, proposal and shots after with the fiancé. This video will be made as a separate video and will not be added to the final wedding video.

EXAMPLE: https://vimeo.com/141750528


DRONE FOOTAGE $75 (per shoot)

This includes Kenna’s hired drone assistant to come to the shoot with her at whichever shoot you decide. The charge for this service is super low because it is highly recommended by Kenna.

EXAMPLE: https://vimeo.com/240410775



This service includes a separate video of the speeches and the vows to remember these special words forever! Vows and speeches will be added to the final video at the discretion of Kenna.



This includes every single clip of your wedding day put together in a reel. This usually ends up being a 45-minute-long video with all of the shots/details of your big day. If you would like to purchase the raw footage of the bridal, engagement, love story, or proposal shoots, the charge will be an extra $100 per shoot.



This service includes 90 minutes of Kenna filming at the Airport. She then will create a 2-3 minute highlight video of this special return. The turnaround time for this video will be 2 weeks.

EXAMPLES:https://vimeo.com/260163100; https://vimeo.com/258035475



You will receive a 3-4 minute highlight video  of this special moment.This service includes 2 hours of Kenna’s time at the hospital. Any additional hour after that is an extra $100 per hour. Kenna will reserve your due date on her calendar. She is aware that the birth can happen at any time and will be on call to film your birth at any hour of the day. This will be the case unless Kenna is filming a wedding or has another business commitment.  Kenna will give you the utmost respect during this process and you won't even be able to tell that she is there. Given that this is a private moment, a rough draft of the video will be sent to you prior to upload to make sure that you are satisfied and comfortable with the footage.

EXAMPLES: https://vimeo.com/235677522; https://vimeo.com/254013798


Kenna is gladly and able to travel for any of these services. Kenna requires the couple to pay for transportation (airfare or gas for driving), pickup and drop off to the airport, rides to each location for filming/venues and if necessary, somewhere to stay overnight. Some couples have Kenna take an Uber and reimburse her for that, others have a family member/close friend pick her up. For stay, some couples offer Kenna to stay with a close friend or family member, other couples put her up in a hotel for the night. If the location is more than 3.5 hours away from Provo, UT a flight is required. Kenna’s manager is able to book any travel accommodations necessary and send an invoice, or the couple may book the travel reservations themselves. Quick returns home will be very much appreciated!